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Social platform for traders and investors. See verified trading activity and performances of traders, discuss stocks, and explore legitimate experts.

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Friends and Influencers

See what your friends and influencers actually do, including their performances, portfolios, trades, and posts — everything in your feed.


John M.


Jeff I.


Andrew C.


Jessica G.

Legitimate Experts

No BS anymore. Tradey checks all transactions and verifies actual performances of its users.

Someone claims to be real good in trading? Just ask them to sign up on Tradey and check their performance.


Jeff I.


Andrew C.


Jessica G.

Copy Trades

Want to trade like John? Subscribe to his trades and Tradey will notify you every time John makes a trade.

Monetize Your Content

Tradey offers a new way of content monetization for influencers, creators and experts. Share access to your trades and special content with your followers by selling monthly subscriptions.

Comments and Discussions

Comment on trades, posts, and stocks. Join stock discussion chats, communicate with other traders, get others’ opinions, and share your own.

What Happens Near You

Find the best performing traders near you, as well as picks of trending stocks and topics.

Stock Communities

Each stock or asset has a community on Tradey. You can now discuss your stocks with others and, unlike other platforms, you have the ability to check everyone's actual track record.

Traders Rankings

Discover the most effective investors nearby in our traders' rankings. Join the leaderboard by out-performing others!

Soon Your Broker

Very soon, Tradey will launch its own brokerage. Make unlimited commission-free trades in stocks, options, and ETFs with as little as $1. We won’t make money on Payments for Order Flow (PFOF).


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